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  • Photo: Mickael Tannus

Are you longing to get out into the countryside, but are staying at home because you don't have a car? Now you can take the bus line 159 for your visit. The bus starts at Lund C and runs every day of the week with four departures a day. On its route, the bus passes several beautiful countryside areas. Pack something to eat and drink, something to sit on and warm jumper if needed. Then you are ready for your day out. Here are some of the places you can discover with the help of the bus.

The Nature Guide’s top tips for a spring trip out by bus:

Dalby Söderskog bus stop
Experience Sweden’s smallest national park. Before the trees come into leaf, spring flowers such as wood anemones and cowslips carpet the ground. Birds in the trees and bushes sing and invite you to their own spring concert. There are large and old trees here. Which will be your favourite spot for a picnic? Dalby Söderskog is worth a visit even at other times of the year when spring has passed. Find shade on a hot summer’s day or take a daytrip on a cooler winter’s day. Bökebackeslingan Trail is a 600 metre long path that is accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs. For those of you wanting to walk a bit further, it is a lovely walk to Skryllegården, where you can catch the bus home.

Billebjersvägen bus stop
Visit Billebjer Nature Reserve, which is about 1.5 kilometres west of the bus stop. The old quarry offers varied scenery, great views on clear days and a good place for a swim. For hikers, there is the 8.5 kilometre long Billebjerspåret Trail.

Skryllegården bus stop
At Skryllegården there are footpaths and five different surfaced running tracks. Four of these have electric lighting and are 1.2 kilometres, 2.2 kilometres, 3 kilometres and 5 kilometres long. The 1.2 kilometre running track is also called the ‘easy trail’. It is adapted for people with reduced mobility and for wheelchairs. Do you want to walk a bit further? Then you can choose the Skåneleden Trail, which is 17 kilometres long in total. One part runs from Skryllegården to Torna Hällestad. Once there, there is a farm shop where you can buy something nice to eat and drink. From Torna Hällestad you can either take the bus home or continue walking the Skåneleden Trail and get on the bus at the Skryllegården bus stop.

Måryd bus stop
Bring out the fun in you! The beautiful landscape of Måryd Nature Reserve is perfect for playing hide and seek. Here, children and adults alike can explore the babbling brook and then walk to Skryllegården. Once at Skryllegården, you can visit the Naturum (information centre) and find your way to the nature playground. If you wish, you can visit the Skrylle café och restaurant before returning home from the Skryllegården bus stop.

Trollskogen bus stop
The crooked and mysterious dwarf beech trees with their strangely twisted trunks, really get your imagination going here in Trollskogen. Are they talking to each other, or have they invited each other to dance? Each season has its own charm, with different coloured leaves, from bright green in the spring to fiery autumn colours. Trollskogen is located in the Prästaskogen Gryteskog nature reserves.

Tip: See the adjacent map to find countryside areas close to the bus stop.


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