• Cykla över de gamla järnvägsbron i Piksborg.
    Cykla över de gamla järnvägsbron i Piksborg.
    Photo: Foto: Lars Ahlin

Experience 4 Days Along Swedish Railway History on Banvallsleden: Halmstad - Lidhult - Ljungby - Vislanda

The Banvallsleden offers a unique coast-to-coast cycling experience, stretching from the Kattegat to the Baltic Sea, between Halmstad and Karlshamn. This approximately 250 km trail is predominantly set on an old railway embankment, featuring both gravel and asphalt surfaces. It’s recognized as a gravel bike trail, where you can pedal through open landscapes, alongside lakes, dark forests, and occasionally through villages and smaller communities. A significant portion of the trail between Halmstad and Vislanda is car-free, providing a serene cycling environment.

The route takes you along two decommissioned narrow-gauge railway tracks: the Halmstad-Bolmen (Bolmenbanan) and Karlshamn – Vislanda – Bolmen (Vislandabanan) railways. It passes by about 40 station environments, making it unique in Sweden. Along the Banvallsleden, you’ll embark on a journey through Swedish railway history. Many villages and communities once had stations during the heyday of the railways, and most of the station houses still stand today, albeit renovated and rebuilt.

Along the route, you’ll find a range of accommodations, including hotels, holiday villages, and campsites. Larger communities offer food shops, and bike rentals are available at several locations. The route is well sign-posted ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience1.

This trail is perfect for those seeking a day out in fre

This trail is perfect for those seeking a day out in fresh air, with a mix of nature, history, and adventure. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or looking for a leisurely tour, Banvallsleden caters to all preferences.

Stage 1: Halmstad - Lidhult (approx. 46 km)

Start in Halmstad to experience the city’s vibe and stay at one of the cozy accommodations to begin your cycling tour well-rested.. Leave the city noise behind as you head towards the open landscape of Simlångsdalen, where you can find restaurants and shops.. Cool off at the swimming spot in Simlången before cycling along the waterways.. Turn towards the more forested areas to Lidhult, where you can stay at Mooi Gula Huset B&B . Stock up on provisions at the local ICA store for the next day’s journey.

The trail up to Simlångsdalen is on a secluded bike path.

Stage 2: Lidhult - Ljungby

Today’s ride takes you past Byholma’s old station, where you can have lunch or a coffee break.. Continue along the southern part of Lake Bolmen to the community of Bolmen, passing by the old engine shed and Bolmen station, which is now Bolmen’s camping site.. Proceed along the old Banvallen towards Ljungby, where you can stay overnight at one of the cycle-friendly hotels in the center.

The stage starts with cycling on low-traffic roads up to Byholma, then becomes car-free until Angelstad. Just before Ljungby, it is car-free again.

Stage 3: Ljungby - Vislanda

Leave the urban life behind as you cycle towards Ryssby. The former station community still has its platform with artwork.. Take a break for a swim at the beach or lunch at Ryssby hotel.. Continue along the old railway embankment to Målaskog. After Målaskog, the trail goes onto the busier Vislandavägen for a few kilometers before following the embankment again to Vislanda.. In Vislanda, there’s a train station. Take the Krösatåg/Öresundståg back to Halmstad.

The stage is car-free until Kroxnäs nature reserve, after which the trail leads down to the busier Vislandavägen for about 1.5 km.

Enjoy your cycling adventure on the Banvallsleden, where each pedal stroke is a step through history and nature.


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