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Osaby Nature Reserve

Nature reserve

  • Municipality: Växjö
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Osaby is the leader in biological diversity in the municipality. Many pleasant paths lead visitors to the ever-changing array of biotopes in the nature reserve. In front of the manor farm, the Hemmaängen meadow exhibits its beautiful midsummer palette of flowers and butterflies. Beyond the oaks and the pasture that surrounds them is a forest with many capercaillie, and a marsh, as well as the flat boulders and shores of Lake Vederslövssjön. Donk mushrooms, the snake's head fritillary butterfly, otters, black-throated divers, saucer bugs, and the cardinal click beetle are some of the species for which Osaby is noted. The birds here include black-throated divers, hobbies and spotted nutcrackers. The more well-known trails here are the 3.6 kilometre long Sjöslingan and the 1.2 kilometre long Hemmaängsslingan loop. See the link below for more information about Notteryd. This reserve is administered by the County Administration of Kronoberg.

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Stor grusparkering söder om Osaby säteri där reservatsparkeringen ligger strax väster om bilvägen.



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