Knutsgård loop - Teleborg


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Trail details

  • Length 1.8 km
  • Difficulty Blue - medium



In the Teleborg nature reserve, you’ll walk at a relaxed countryside pace, accompanied by the trill of the Eurasia skylark as you pass grazing horses against a background of the skyline of Växjö and the spires of its cathedral. In meadows and pastures, you can see cowslip, milkwort and mountain arnica. Common whitethroats and common snipes are the voices of this area. In the autumn the hazel thickets of this nature reserve attract the spotted nutcracker. Spike lichen, soot lichen and pendulous wing-moss grow on ancient oak trees. Many lovely walking paths pass the reserve. This yellow-marked loop begins at Knutsgård, the beautiful 19th century farm, and makes a figure eight between meadow land and leafy forest. The total length of this trail is about 1.8 kilometres through a peaceful environment.

Activities And Facilities

  • Hiking Hiking
  • Quiet places Quiet places
  • Trail running Trail running


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Latest sound measurement 2020-05-12: Average values between 35-44 dB (A). Light breeze, bird song and some noise from the campus to the north. Some tips during the visit: Stay offline - turn off the phone silently and be off when visiting this trail. Value the moment - release all everyday thoughts to be present here and now. Walk slowly - slow in and walk slower than normal on the path out here. Listen - nature is almost never completely silent, and its sound often has a restful effect. Smell and feel - each forest has its own scents, which change with the season and weather. Feel the rough bark or the soft moss.

Quiet locations in an area mean that the experience of desirable sounds strongly outweighs the impact of disturbing noise. In quiet places, at least 80 % of the visitors in an area after the visit should consider that they have experienced a good sound environment lower than 45 dB (A). Here one can be surrounded by nature's own sounds; such as the waves from the lake, a breeze in the foliage or bird song. There are several quiet places around Växjö town that are marked in the nature map. The city sounds are always present, but relatively quiet places are still close by. Wind strength, weather, season and time of day affect how the quiet places are experienced in the moment.


Stigar genom äng och hagmark


Några längre motlut på slingan


Finns i nära anslutning till reservatet. Såväl vid Knutsgård som på campus Linnéuniversitetet.


Slingan är belägen i Teleborgs naturreservat. Teleborgs naturreservat ligger cirka tre kilometer sydost om Växjö centrum.



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