Nature reserve

Fylleryd Nature Reserve

Nature reserve

  • Municipality: Växjö
  • 6593.74 km away from you
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The Fylleryd nature reserve includes the most popular jogging loops in Växjö. The terrain is very hilly. Boulders with fantastic shapes alternate with pines and large areas covered with berries. There are many jogging trails to choose from, such as a five-kilometre long illuminated ski track, and the more than ten-kilometre Trestugespåret Trail. The reserve and its trails also reach Lake Toftasjön in the east. Willow tits, titmice, gold-crested wrens and black woodpeckers are a sign of valuable old-growth forest and its rarities, such as green shield moss. For more information about the Fylleryd nature reserve, use the link below.

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