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Trail details

  • Length 86.4 km



Go on a pilgrimage among some of the best preserved cultural treasures on Öland, the churches. Did you know that there are 34 churches on Öland and each church has its own unique history. This is a tour that takes you from church gate to church gate and along the 90 km route you will have time to pass no less than 11 churches and a worthwhile church ruins worth a detour. Experience the winds of history on this pilgrimage along winding roads through magnificent scenery and cultural treasures.

Tips: Bring plenty of fluids and fill your picnic basket with delicacies from one of the island's many farm shops.

Activities And Facilities

  • Biking Biking
  • Circular trail Circular trail



The majority of the route is on asphalt roads with some gravel roads. Part of the route is on a partly rough forest/gravel road.

**Altitude: ** The majority of the route follows the signage of the Öland Trail. Be careful, at some places short detours from the trail are required to reach the church.

Season: This route is best suited during spring, summer, autumn & winter.

Bus stops: Möllstorp (Färjestaden), Södra Hamnplan (Färjestaden), Eriksöre vsk, Karlevi vsk, Vickleby vsk, Stora Frö, Lilla Frö, Kleva, Trollet (Mörbylånga), Södra Bårdby, Gårby kyrka, Dörby, Norra Möckleby, Bettorp, Södra bäck, Åkerby, Lopperstad, Runsten Kyrka, Spjutterum, Algutsrum väg 136, Björkedal.


Majoriteten av sträckan går på asfaltsvägar med inslag av grusvägar. En del av sträckan går på en bitvis gropig skogs-/grusväg.

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