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Trail details

  • Length 2.3 km



To do: Hiking

Accessibility: close to parking and Naturum Trollskogen

Trail: 2,3 km

Attraction: Naturum Trollskogen, the wreck of Swiks, entrenchments and burial cairns. At the Naturum there are exciting play areas with large wooden beetles - appreciated by little adventurers.

Good to know: Parking, handicapped accessible trail and toilet. Rest areas, rubbish bins, information boards in English and Swedish.

Contact details: Kalmar County Administrative Board, Tel: 010-223 80 00


Trail description

The Trollskogen nature reserve is located at the north-eastern tip of Öland and is one of Öland's most popular and well-visited excursion destinations. The trails in Trollskogen take you around in a varied environment of old and pastoral coniferous forest. In Trollskofgen there are cultural and historical sights such as Iron Age graves, redoubts, Öland's oldest oak tree, the old railway track and the wreck of Swiks.

Nature lives up to its name. Moon-century-old oaks, gnarled wind-pinned pines, old rough wide-crowned oaks and woods covered with ivy create a magical feeling. The Troll Forest leads out to the sea's pebble beach, flowery dry meadows and the grazed meadows of Grankulleviken.

The trails start and end at Naturum Trollskogen, which is located next to the parking lot of the reserve. Signs and colour markers guide you around the reserve. At Naturum Trollskogen there are many exciting things for children to discover.

The Murgrönestigen trail is just over two kilometres long. The trail is marked in yellow and it is possible to get around with a pram. Parts of the trail are also suitable for wheelchairs. A longer section is graveled. The trail takes you past trees that are entwined and embedded in ivy and the meadows of Grankulla Bay. The ivy path takes you through the wall now believed to be a boundary wall of ceremonial life two thousand years ago and passes the Iron Age grave at the southernmost point of the reserve.

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Activities And Facilities

  • Hiking Hiking
  • Running Running
  • Walking Walking
  • Children's adventure Children's adventure
  • Circular trail Circular trail


  • Near parking Near parking
  • Near toilet Near toilet
  • Stroller accessible Stroller accessible


Important to think about!

Cycling and horse riding are allowed on the forest road that runs through the middle of the reserve. Cycling on the hiking trails.

Stones and parts of the Swik wreck should remain on the site.

Cows graze in the Troll Forest. These help to keep the forest open and the meadows grazed. This is crucial for wading birds and ducks that like grazed land near the water. The cows are peaceful but should be treated with respect like any animal.

Dogs must be kept on a lead.


Trollskogsvägen 20, 387 75 Byxelkrok. (The nature reserve is located on the northern tip of Öland.)

Coordinates - 57.343257995427685, 17.1190507


Trollskogen is a nature reserve. You may not:

Drive any vehicle off designated roads or paths.

Ride a horse outside designated roads or paths.


Build a fire.

Bring a dog, or other animal, that is not on a leash.

Put up a board, sign, poster or similar device or make inscriptions.

Damaging or removing fixed natural objects or surface formations.

Collect loose stones or remove pieces of bedrock.

Damage or remove trees, shrubs, stumps, bark or branches that are growing or dead.

Picking plants or parts of plants. You may pick berries and mushrooms.

Dig or pull up plants or parts of plants.

Climb trees with nests.

Hunt, kill, capture or harm wild mammals, amphibians, reptiles or birds.

Removing or damaging eggs or nests.

Deliberately disturbing wildlife.

Permanently moor a buoy or anchor.

Driving a personal watercraft or water skiing.

Source: Nature Management Unit Kalmar County Administrative Board


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