Cozy camel trip


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Trail details

  • Length 22.7 km



This is a perfect family run, with the possibility of a lot of activities other than cycling. Or how about riding a camel, or why not burn rubber in a go-kart battle? Along this route you can also experience culture, sea, beach and ice cream. Of course.

We start the tour at Ormöga camel farm and then head west through the rugged, island landscape. Pretty soon you'll be rewarded with, perhaps, the most beautiful cycling in Sweden. The coastline is absolutely stunning. And, of course, it's great for swimming. Almost anywhere. In Djupvik you can stop for a bite to eat at Eliz restaurant. Here we once again leave the sea behind and head for land. When we get to the main road, no 136, (be very careful here, the road is very busy) it is only a few hundred meters to Öland's go-kart.

We decide to cross the main road towards Föra. Here is the famous "Föralinjen". The Föralin Line was a Swedish defence project initiated during the Second World War to create a defence line. The defence line, which was to run between Djupvik on the Kalmarsund and Vässby on the Baltic coast, was to be constructed by a combination of ditch and canal. This would then be filled with water by means of a pump. But the project went nowhere. It was soon realised that it would take 33 years to fill the trench with water and ended with the responsible Captain Thörnblad being put on trial.

In Föra you can also visit Ölandsro for coffee or food, Edins Lustgård or Skabbekatten, for art, glass and ceramics. On the way back we pass Djurstad and Petgärde nature reserve, before we find our way back to the starting point via a winding gravel road.

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Activities And Facilities

  • Biking Biking
  • Running Running
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Distance: 22,7 km

Altiude: 77 m

Terrain: 50% Gravel, 50% Asphalt. We recommend a bike with broader wheels for the best experience.



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