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Welcome to STF Helags Mountain Station – STF’s youngest station is situated with a view up towards Helagstoppen (1797 metres above sea level) and towards Sweden’s southernmost glacier.

The first cabin was built in this location in 1897 to facilitate the ascent of Helagstoppen, 750 metres above. Today many skiers and hikers arrive in order to repeat the feat and to enjoy the mountain station’s selection of good food, shop and a relaxing sauna after their excursion.

Despite the high altitude, it is still green and full of flowers here in summer. Perhaps that is why the Arctic fox likes it so much here. It is here that this endangered fox has what is perhaps its strongest population in Sweden.

Accommodation is in three cabins with four-bed rooms and one eight-bed room. If you want accommodation that is a bit more authentic, you can stay in the wood-fired Gamla Östan, which has a five-bed room and a nine-bed room.

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner all days. Breakfast is served at 7:00-9:15 during summer. If there are many guests you will be given a time slot, in order for us to keep distance. During the day, 11:00-16:00, we offer yummy waffles and goulash. Our dinner starts with a presentation at 17:30 and 19:30 every day during summer. You will be given a time for dinner when you check in! The dinner is a set menu, so make sure to let us know if you have any allergies or if you prefer vegetarian or vegan food, before arrival. Swedish fika could be bought all day! If you need to purchase any supplies or sports equipment, you can do so in our shop.



STF Helags Fjällstation 840 35 Ljungdalen


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You can take the train to Östersund and then travel onward by bus to Ljungdalen. For more information about other means to get to Ljungdalen by public transport, visit the Ljungdalen tourist information home page at
Taxi Ljungdalsfjällen drives passengers between Ljungdalen and Kläppen where the marked trail to the Helags mountain stations begins. The price for the ride is SEK 150 for 1-4 people. For information and to order a ride, call 0687-203 02.

If you are coming in your own car, there is parking space available at Kläppen about 6 km away from the village of Ljungdalen. It is then a 12 km hike along a marked trail up to the Helags mountain station.

In the winter, chartered transportation is available in the form of snow-cat to take you between Kläppen and Helags. For information and for booking transportation, call Åke Bendiksen at 0687-20324.



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