Spjärshällen, utsiktsplats


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From the view tower at Spjärshällen's peak, which is 506 meters above sea level, you have a miles-wide view of all the weathers over forests, mountains and lakes. At the right weather, Boda church in Rättvik can glimpse in the northwest, and southwards the mountains surrounding Stora Tuna.

The mountains to the north have interesting forms. Take a map of the area and try to figure out which mountains you are seeing. On the north-east side of the mountain, there are plenty of blocks that make the area difficult to access, even heard by the name, Glasgårdshällarna…

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Parkera bilen vid bommen som finns längs vägen upp till Spjärhällens tvillingtop. Till vänster om bommen finns en stig som leder upp till toppen. Det är ca 500-600 meters promenad till toppen. På tvillingtoppen, som alltså inte är Falu kommuns högsta punkt, finns en mast.


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