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Nature reserve

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Sanders old forest is a real magic forest with old trees and soft moss carpets. A forest full of mystery, silence and experiences. Follow the path into the dark forest and enjoy the scents and birdsong of the forest. Or sit for a while on one of the picnic benches and listen to the wind's wind in the canopy.

Sanders old forest has not been affected by forestry for a long time and the forest has developed in a way that benefits many plants and animals. The trees have been allowed to grow freely and grow old. It has created a variety of trees of different varieties, ages and sizes.

The variety of trees and the availability of dead wood in Sanders old forest means that many species that do not find their habitat in a used forest thrive in the reserve. A species that utilizes it is the three-pointed woodpecker that travels from spruce to spruce in search of spruce bark cutters. In the fall, the funnel chanterelles look out of the moss and at the foot of the old spruce trees grows knee, an orchid with evergreen leaves. There is much to discover for those who have their eyes on them!

In the area there are several paths for hiking, marked with orange color. There are three loops to choose from. From the parking lot to the rest area with fireplace, the path is graveled and adapted for prams. Other paths are adapted for hiking. Along the paths there are picnic tables, rest benches and reference signs.

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Parkering för ca 5 bilar finns utmed vägen vid reservatets entré.


Tag buss 152 eller 154 från Falun mot Borlänge. Kliv av på hållplatsen Tallen E16. Därifrån är det ca 1,5 km att promenera till reservatet. Gå fram till Källviksvägen och sväng höger bort mot Förlagssystem. Följ vägen när den svänger åt vänster. Sväng höger vid skylten "Naturreservat" efter ca en kilometer. Följ vägen upp till parkeringen.


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