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Trail details

  • Length 14.0 km
  • Time 4 h
  • Difficulty Green - simple



This hiking trail starts just opposite Gammelgården. The first part goes over bogland but is boarded and easy to navigate. From here, the trail rises slightly, but because the surface is gravel, it’s pretty easy to walk anyway. After around 1.5 km where the trail splits, follow the signs to Hemfjällsstugan/Lindvallens lifts. In a few kilometers, you arrive at Apotekarstugan where you turn left and follow the gravel trail. Another few kilometers will take you to the top cabin “Snögubben” in Lindvallen ski resort. Continue towards Hemfjällsstugan; on the way, you pass Stensjön with its stone statues. Here, the gravel trail stops, and it turns into rocky terrain in places, walking on footbridges over wet parts. From this point, the view over the valley is fantastic. Once you arrive at Hemfjällsstugan, it is a good idea to eat your own food bag.

From here, you can choose to go over Mellanfjället (red marking on the map). You can also go around Mellanfjället (green marking on the map), and then you will pass Storfjällsgraven. The trail is about 7 km, and it is from time to time a bit rocky and also a little wet in places where you walk on footbridges. Once at Storfjällsgraven, it fits in well with a short break. Continuing the trail is relatively easy to walk. The last part is the same as you started with. The trail is marked with red crosses.

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Activities And Facilities

  • Turskidåkning Turskidåkning
  • Hiking Hiking
  • Skiing Skiing



Destination Sälenfjällen är det gemensamma bolaget för utveckling av besöksnäringen i Sälenfjällen. Bolaget arbetar strategiskt med övergripande frågor för att skapa goda förutsättningar för besöksnäringen och därigenom bidra till ett ökat antal besökare året runt i Sälenfjällen. Läs mer på salenfjallen.se

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