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Kårarvsgruvan is one of Sweden's mineral-rich mines. Here, pegmatite was broken in the 19th century and here rare minerals have been found such as helmetite, pyrotite, outer trout and fluocerite. Along the path that goes through the nature reserve, you can see many trails from ancient mining. Follow the trail and walk in their tracks so you will find out more about what Jöns Jacob Berzelius and Erik Nordenskiöld discovered during mosses, lichens and pines!

Jöns Jacob Berzelius is considered the father of modern chemistry. His research and discoveries have been very important for the development of chemistry. One of Berzelius' more well-known contributions is to have given elemental letters such as gold (Au) and silver (Ag). A few years after Berzelius's death, Erik Nordenskiöld came to Falun. In 1860, Nordenskiöld described an unknown mineral that was discovered during a blasting in the area. It was named helmet. Since then, it has been associated with the Kårarvet worldwide as it was discovered here for the first time. Helmets are usually completely black, sometimes with shades of brown or gray, and are visible as small grains or lumps in the bedrock. It is a rare mineral that has not been found in so many places.

Quartz mines broke quartz that was used in the copper production in the Falu mine. Quartz is one of the most common minerals on earth. Rock crystal and amethyst are quartz in crystal form. Along the paths in the area you can still find quartz spills from the transports to the copper smelter.

A bit up the hill is a crime since the old "Gahn's sharpening". A sharpening is a place where you have performed test breaks. The test breaking was done in the early 19th century. When examining the surrounding warp heaps, many minerals were found, including sulfur pyrite, magnetite and grenade.

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