Stärnö circular walks


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Trail details

  • Length 7.7 km



Easily accessible trails through the Sternö-Boön nature reserve with several circuits to choose from.
“Stärnö runt” is about 4.5 km and there is a shorter child-friendly version too (with signs). The circular walks offer stunning views of the sea and the islands and run through leafy woodland and over rocks by the shore.
The trail is marked in blue. There is parking and toilets at Stärnö badplats, and several places for picnics and barbecues along the route (see map).
The walking trail on Boön is about 3 km long and edged with historic sites and beautiful views. The trail is marked in orange and runs along a small path.

Read more about the Sternö-Boön nature reserve via the link on the map.

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Bred stig, smal stig över klippor, grusväg och asfalterad väg.



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