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A statue by Axel Olsson, unveiled in 1959. The statue stands in a beautiful setting in the park by the sea next to Karlshamn harbour and the promenade.

The sculptor’s Karl Oskar and Kristina - characters in Vilhelm Moberg’s novel “The Emigrants" - serve as a reminder of a time when Karlshamn was an emigration port and many people left Sweden to seek their future in America.

Karl Oskar is gazing out to sea towards their new future, while Kristina is looking back at the people at home they are leaving behind. The plinth bears Vilhelm Moberg’s words: “In their homeland their emigrant adventure has become a thing of tales and legends”

There is a similar statue on the other side of the Atlantic in the town of Lindstrom, Minnesota.

Source: Visit Karlshamn


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