Adventure in Blekinge Archipelago - 4 Days | Ronneby - Järnavik - Karlshamn

Experience a 4-day adventure in the Blekinge Archipelago! Kayak, hike and cycle through Blekinge's incredible archipelago and coastal area and spend the night in historic accommodations.

Day 1 - Ronneby Brunnspark

If you start the adventure in Ronneby, you can either check in at the hotel and B&B Villa FloraViola or at Ronneby Vandrarhem and B&B, both of which are located in Brunsparken, as you will have time to discover the cultural reserve Ronneby Brunnspark.

Take the opportunity to stroll through the Japanese garden or the rose garden, or if you are looking for a more active experience, you can visit the adventure pool or play mini golf or tennis. Or why not walk the 4.1 km long Hälsans stig which runs along the Ronnebyån.

You can then end the day at Café Mandeltårtan, where you can eat a 2-course dinner.

Day 2 - Hiking - Ronneby to Järnavik

Start the day with a delicious breakfast and get ready for today's adventure. It is possible to bring a packed of lunch if you choose to continue with a day hike towards Järnavik.

The hike begins along the Blekingeleden stage 9. The trail is marked orange and stretches a total of 21 km from Ronneby Brunn to Järnavik. The tour will take you through a historical environment and a coastal landscape of forest and sea.

As the hiking trail goes via Svalemåla and the Järnaviksfjorden, you have the opportunity to spend the night in various accommodations. For example, you can take in Svalemåla Stugby, which offers two different types of houses that you can choose from or why not camp at Järnaviks Camping.

Alternatively, when you reach the harbor at Järnavik, you can check in at Pensionat Järnavik, where you can enjoy a 2-course dinner and rest after the day's hike.

Day 3 - Kayaking

Now it's time to go kayaking! At the Paddelkompaniet, which is located next to Pensionat Järnavik, you can pick up the kayak equipment 09.30 - 10:00 and take part in essential information and instructions regarding safety, equipment and maps. You can now start the paddling adventure and explore the fantastic marine environment in the Blekinge Archipelago.

Remember to choose a paddle trail that is adapted to the weather and wind. For example, Lilla Järnviksrundanelor Tjärörundan is perfect for beginners and goes more inland. If you would rather paddle a little longer and more challenging, Kayakled Matvik - Järnavik is a good alternative.

The Järnavik archipelago includes several beautiful bays and islands that are worth discovering, also in the Hällaryd archipelago you will find several islands such as Bockö, Östra Bockö and Tärnö. When you are satisfied with the paddling, you return to the Paddelkompaniet, where you return the equipment by 18.00 at the latest.

Day 4 - Järnavik to Karlshamn by bike

Ready for a new adventure by bike? Both Pensionat Järnavik and Svalemåla Stugby offer bicycle rental with additional equipment.

Then start the cycling journey from Järnavik towards Karlshamn. The 28 km cycle path is unmarked, so use the ARK56 app or use a map of ARK56 to follow the right path. The cycle tour will then take you through coastal landscapes with sea views, forests and agricultural landscapes.

Take the opportunity to take a small detour at Åryd of 3.3 km to Eriksbergand discover the game and nature park and nature reserve Eriksbergs Stränder.

When you then arrive in Karlshamn, there is an opportunity to return the cycling equipment as Pensionat Järnavik can meet you on site. The adventure is now over and you can go on by train or bus at the Karlshamn travel center.

At Paddelkompaniet, it is possible to book entire tour proposals as a complete package. For more information, please visit the Paddelkompaniet's website.



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