4 days | Ronneby – Järnavik – Tjärö – Ronneby

A 4-day trip through beechwoods and islands via some of the true highlights of the Blekinge Archipelago in terms of its nature and history. Follow the route on foot and by kayak, plus a chance to rest enjoying the sea views on the archipelago ferry. Start and finish near the station in Ronneby where you can park, get off the bus or train and lace up your walking boots and begin your adventure in the Blekinge Archipelago.

Day 1 | Ronneby - Järnavik

Walk ca 22 km / 5-7 hours

A beautiful day’s walk on a section of the that starts in the historic nature reserve of Ronneby Brunnspark. The trail follows Kongs-Lijden, a historic road through Blekinge. After 5 to 7 hours, depending on your speed and how many breaks you take, you’ll reach Järnavik nestling between the steep rocky outcrops by the sea. Stay at Järnaviks camping, Svalemåla Stugby, 3 Små hus or Pensionat Järnavik. Stay at Järnaviks camping, Svalemåla Stugby, 3 Små hus or Pensionat Järnavik.

Day 2 | Järnavik - Tjärö

Kayaking approximately 13 km | Skärgårdstrafiken ferry 5 km / 20 mins

A beautiful kayaking trip in the Blekinge Archipelago – either the Little Järnavik loop on its own or add on the Tjärö loop as well. Hand back your kayak and step onto the Tjärö ferry that runs from Järnavik harbour. The timetable is here. There are several places for a barbecue on the island of Tjärö or you could always eat dinner at the restaurant in the guest harbour. Stay at Tjärö camping or the youth hostel.

Day 3 | Tjärö loop & Tjärö – Ronneby harbour – Ekenäs/Karön

Walk approx. 4 km | Skärgårdstrafiken ferries

Start the day with a circular walk round the island of Tjärö with plenty of beautiful spots to stop off for a picnic. Then take the ferry to Ronneby harbour from where you either walk or swap ferry and take the smaller boat Astrid to Ekenäs and Karön. Spend the night in one of the cottages at Karöns stugby or Ekenäs camping.

Note that day 3 needs to be a day on which the ferries are running from Tjärö to Ronneby (in 2019 only on Saturdays and Sundays). Check the timetable at Skärgårdstrafik - Blekingetrafiken

Day 4 | Ekenäs – Ronneby | Skärgårdstrafiken ferry, Ronneby Brunnspark – Ronneby Resecentrum (station)

Walk 4.5 km | Skärgårdstrafiken ferry 10 mins

Leave the sea, heading into the Södra Brunnsskogen nature reserve and Brunnsparken. Join the connecting walking trail and walk half of the circular route in Brunnskogen, whichever direction looks most appealing on the map. If you are tired, take the boat Astrid along the river and disembark at the jetty by Ronneby Brunnspark and maybe finish off with an ice cream in the park itself. From the jetty you can take the Skärgårdstrafiken ferry for the last bit back to the jetty at Ronneby centrum, next to Ronneby station, or walk along the river past the old houses.



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