The Blekingeleden Trail


Blekingeleden is a 260 km long walking trail running from Sölvesborg in the west to Bröms in the north-east. The terrain varies, with paths and gravel roads running through a mosaic landscape of forest and woodland, grazing, lakes and little fields. There is access to water and toilets on most of the sections of the trail. Blekingeleden is marked in orange on posts and signs.

Some of the sections connect with the hubs in ARK56, ideal if you want to rest your feet and maybe switch to a bike, a kayak or the archipelago ferries for a change.

The app, the online map and the links on this page take you to information on all the sections of the Blekingeleden Trail, where you can find drinking water, shelters, places to light a fire, particularly beautiful spots and everything else you might need to know. Pick the section or sections that suit you best.

##Right of public access

Sweden’s right of public access means visitors are free to explore the countryside. You can pick mushrooms, berries and flowers for your own use and swim everywhere apart from on private land surrounding a house. Remember that you must not disturb or destroy, and that covers people, animals and the natural environment. In other words, you may not leave litter, chop wood or light a fire other in designated campfire spots. You may pitch a tent for a day or two as long as this does not disturb animals, the environment or people. It is recommended that you do not cycle or ride a horse on the Blekingeleden Trail due to wear on the terrain and out of consideration for land owners.

Read more about the right of public access

##Skåneleden trail

In the west, the Blekingeleden Trail joins the Skåneleden Trail, a walking trail more than 1,300 kilometres long which spans the neighbouring province of Skåne. There are toilets and running water along the trail and you can easily access the route from Skånetrafiken’s public transport. Spend the night at simple campsites with shelters or in nearby youth hostels or hotels. Skåneleden is marked in orange.



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