This outskirts of Älmhult municipality offers the visitor primeval forest and a landscape filled with large boulders. To experience this countryside is best done by bike and on foot, but of course it is possible to park a car here as well.

Siggaboda's dramatic nature reserve consists of primeval forest and mixed forest. The site still shows what the storm Gudrun, which ravaged in 2005, meant for the forest in large parts of southern Sweden. Much of the primeval forest is now on the ground at the same time as younger forest is starting to grow now. Be careful when walking on the trails, both with the risk of spraining your foot on a rock but also for dead and falling trees on a windy day. There are several possible trails to hike here.

Combine a visit to the nature reserve with Lille-Jan's cultural trail on Stensjöäng, on the other side of the lake. This path offers true magic forest with exciting elements along the way, for example the Forest Cathedral. In the yard there is also a gallery for those interested in art. For the advanced hiker, there is a longer hiking trail, Grytleden, which connects to the reserve's paths and has a blue marking in the terrain. Read more about Grytleden at

In the link below is more information about the nature reserve to be found.

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  • Basit Aziz

    If you like to jump over fallen trees and large stones then this is a place you should go to. It offers a mix of challenges.

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