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A headland to marvel at

Olaus Magnus marvelled at Bjuröklubb. That was in the 16th century, yet there are still grounds for wonder today. At Bjuröklubb, rich nature meets the exciting cultural history of the Bottenviken coast.

Nature on Bjuröklubb

Klubben rose up out of the sea 4,000 years ago. Bjuröklubb is made up entirely of smooth, flat rocks covered by wave-washed stones and occasionally by large areas of shingle. Windswept, gnarled pines and spruces grow between the cliffs, and on the beaches there are thickets of grey alder along with valerian and meadowsweet.

The beautiful Bjurön peninsula is the most easterly part of Västerbotten, and a perfect place to watch the migrating birds. From the lighthouse point and Grundskatan, you have an excellent lookout from where you can see migrating birds such as black-throated and red-throated divers, common scoters and long-tailed ducks, as well as thousands of chaffinches, thrushes and larks. The best time for bird-watching is from mid-April to the end of May.

Sand dunes on Storsand

Sand dunes, beaches, cliffs and the open sea at Bjuröklubb are reminiscent in many ways of the open mountain heath landscapes. When the Norrland entomological society surveyed the insect fauna in 2004, to their surprise they found the mountain bumblebee, which is otherwise only found in the mountains and had never previously been seen in any coastal provinces. In addition, the rare great yellow bumblebee was found on the flowering sea pea. The ancient woodland, beach thickets, rock pools and the large sand dunes in the nature reserve are important for many rare insect species.

Lighthouse and Café

Near to the lighthouse point, you can take the opportunity to learn more about the remains of old dwellings, relic house foundations, left by seal hunters and fishermen in the Middle Ages. Follow the signed path.

The lighthouse was built in 1859 and was manned until 1970. The lighthouse keeper was also responsible for the weather observations that have been heard every day since 1924 on the radio maritime report: “Skagsudde, Järnåsklubb, Holmögadd, Bjuröklubb, Pite-Rönnskår...”

Bjuröklubb has also been an important pilot boarding area. The old pilot harbour now functions as a marina for leisure boats. There is sauna in the marina that is available to borrow.

Along the ramp up to the lighthouse, there are signs describing the reserve’s interesting nature and history.

Activiteiten en faciliteiten

  • Natuurgebied Natuurgebied


  • Nabij parkeerplaats Nabij parkeerplaats
  • Dichtbij toilet Dichtbij toilet
  • Kinderwagen toegankelijk Kinderwagen toegankelijk
  • Rolstoel toegankelijk Rolstoel toegankelijk


Turn off the E4 a little north of Lövånger and follow the signs to Bjuröklubb via Uttersjöbäcken. The nature reserve is situated approximately 20 km from the E4. The lighthouse point with the café and hostel are located at the far north of the headland. Disabled visitors can park by the lighthouse keeper’s cottage. A long wooden ramp means that the lighthouse point and the reserve are now accessible to more people.



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