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Not far from Varamobaden is a more secluded beach area with a beautiful natural forest right next to it. The area was previously an outdoor area for Electrolux but is now owned by the municipality. A path of about 1 km runs through the forest where the Electrolux Korpenförening arranged tip walks. For those interested in nature, the path that runs in the area is an eldorado. Here is a rich bird life and many unusual lichens and mosses that thrive in the untouched environment with many dead trees. At the beach you have an incomparable view of Lake Vättern. Here you can swim a little more secluded and in peace and quiet, compared to the more populous Varamobaden.

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From the northern end of Varamobadet, it is easy to walk or cycle to the Bromma outdoor recreation area. It is about 800 m from Varamon. It is not possible to get there by car.

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