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Nature reserve

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Cave explorers have long known about Nordmaling’s special tunnel caves. The beautiful formations in the rock are reminiscent of a sculpture exhibition. The caves are an exciting destination for all the family.

Storrisberget with Tjuv-Ante’s Cave

According to a 19th century legend, the thief and freebooter Tjuv-Ante used the cave as a hiding place. Tjuv-Ante, or Anders Andersson as he was actually called, stole tools, horses and clothes and burned down a cowshed.

From the opening of Tjuv-Ante’s Cave, a ladder leads down to a crack that is 1.5 metres wide at the bottom. Furthest in, another ladder leads down to a deeper level. In total, the cave is more than 30 metres long. Outside the cave, you can follow the trail past high rock walls and shingle areas to the northern side of the mountain.

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The nature reserve cover approximately 20 hectares.

The purpose is to preserve geoscientifically interesting caves and giant’s kettles as examples of glacial erosion. There are various hiking trails through the reserve.


From the E4, turn west towards Olofsfors. Follow the signs towards Norrfors. After approximately 2 km there is a sign for “Naturreservat” (“Nature reserve”).


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