Nature reserve


Nature reserve

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National river offering beautiful scenery!

Mountain botany by the river

Mårdselforsen’s banks are extremely rich in plants. In addition to common forest plants, alpine plants such as alpine bartsia, alpine yellow-violet, moor-king lousewort and alpine milkvetch can also be found here. You can also find the beautiful cinnamon rose among the piles of stones.

Next to the river there are also relics from the log driving age. Caissons and booms were built to ensure that the timber would not catch on the water’s edge during driving.

250 year-old pines

On the southern side of the river, the old riverbed has been exposed. Over the millennia, the river here has carved out a cliff landscape and giant’s kettles.

Storliden’s 250 year-old pines bear traces of earlier fires. Spruce forest draped in hanging lichen, as well as some aspen, birch and sallow, grow in depressions and on the marshy land around brooks. Further up the slope, the terrain becomes increasingly rocky, before finishing with a small precipice and then bare rocky ground dotted with twisted pines.

The views from the top are fantastic.

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The reserve is situated by the Vindelälven river. It covers an area of 410 hectares. In addition to the rapids, the forests here boast very high natural values. Mårdselforsen is one of the county’s most important destinations. An accessible ramp takes visitors out to the first suspension bridge over the river. Then you simply follow the marked path along duckboards, bridges and booms. Mårdselforsen’s café can be found up by Route 363.


The nature reserve can be accessed easily from Route 363. Travel towards Sorsele from Vindeln. Once you have passed Mårdsele village, continue along this road for a further 3 km and follow the signs to the reserve. A parking area for cars, caravans and buses is situated alongside Route 363. There are also a number of parking spaces by the river, close to the accessible ramp.


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