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Nature reserve

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If you follow the path up to the top, you can enjoy the view towards Umeå and Klabböle.

View from the mountain

Hässningberget is situated between the villages of Klabböle and Skravelsjö, just 6 km southwest of central Umeå. The reserve covers the northern part of the mountain. At the top, the forest is sparse with gnarled pines and flat rocks that have been scraped clear of soil. The extensive views towards the Umeälven landscape, with its old-fashioned villages, and on towards the city, is worth all the effort required to reach the 140 metre peak.

Skravelsjöbäcken ravine

Skravelsjöbäcken ravine, east of the mountain, has grown wild. Near the brook and on the slopes of the mountain, there is a virgin forest where grey alder, sallow and aspen thrive alongside large spruce trees. There are also plenty of dead trees here, of various shapes and in various stages of decomposition. The flora is unusually rich in this damp ravine. Waist-high ferns such as lady fern and northern buckler-fern grow alongside herbs such as Scandinavian small-reed, marsh violet and marsh willowherb. The tropical feel is reinforced by mosses such as rough goose neck moss, rose rhodobryum moss and tree climacium moss.

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Hässningberget nature reserve covers 94 hectares. The aim of the reserve is to preserve valuable natural environments such as pine forest on rocky ground, highly productive spruce forest and leafy gullies. The reserve is worth a visit at any time of the year. Benches and wind shelters can be found at the lookout points.


From Umeå, it is easiest to drive via Röbäck to Skravelsjö. After this, turn right towards Klabböle. In the forest between the villages, there is a car park with an information sign. From Sörfors, drive past Klabböle and turn right towards Skravelsjö. A beautiful path leads up onto the mountain from the road.


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