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Nature reserve

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Degersjön nature reserve is situated next to the village of Innertavle. The reserve is a piece of wilderness close to an urban area, where visitors can experience nature on nature’s own terms.

Natural forests near to the coast

The unique thing about Degersjön is the area’s large, continuous area of pristine, ancient pine forest near to the coast. Forests along the coast usually tend to be exploited much more than has been the case with those around Degersjön. The reserve also contains a large number of deciduous trees. You can walk along the western side of Degersjön up to a rest area where you will find a fire pit and benches. Here you can enjoy a wonderful view over the lake. The wetlands are former sea inlets and coastal meadows that have been cut off by the rising land.

Habitat for many plants and animals

Degersjön lake itself is a breeding area for birds such as the black-throated diver and the red-breasted merganser. With a little luck, you might also encounter the three-toed woodpecker, the black woodpecker or see white-tailed eagles and ospreys in the reserve.

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Reservatet nås från Innertavle by. Det fungerar fint att cykla från Umeå, en sträcka på cirka 1 mil enkel väg.


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