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Blaikfjället is home to one of Sweden’s largest areas of mires. The bird-life is extremely rich, with species such as the broad-billed sandpiper and the jack snipe. In the autumn there are plenty of cloudberries on Blaikfjället. On the mires you can see traces of the old hay meadows.

Blaikfjället is situated between the Malgomajs and Ormsjön valleys. The reserve extends just over 45 km from Sagatun in the south-east to Rönnäsmyran in the north-west. The Gitsfjället nature reserve starts west of the Gransjövägen road.

Sweden’s largest cloudberry mire

The mire area at Blaikfjället covers 30,000 hectares! Here you can see just about all the different types of mire, from mineral-poor fens to rich swamp woods. Bean geese and cranes are common in the wet Rönnäsmyran mire in the north-east, while common teals and red-necked phalaropes can be found in the peaty pools. The mires were previously of great importance as hay meadows. In many of Blaikfjället’s mires, old hay-stacking poles, barns and paths can still be seen.

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