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Nature reserve

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Balberget’s mighty southern slope can be seen from a long way away and is well known in the district. Another celebrity at Balberget is Sweden’s most northerly hazel bush.

Southerly hazel and northerly red alpine catchfly

Sweden’s most northerly hazel grows in a glade at the foot of Balberget. It has remained here since warmer times several thousand years ago. Otherwise, hazels grow in southern Sweden along with oaks and other broad-leaved deciduous trees.

Balberget nature reserve is home to an exciting mix of alpine plants and species you otherwise find in southern Sweden. The mountain woodsia, glaucous bluegrass, the red alpine catchfly and the snow saxifrage can be found along with the alder buckthorn, the lily-of-the-valley and the lesser butterfly orchid. The south-facing slope catches the heat of the sun and creates a favourable climate for plants that would otherwise not be able to cope with the cold conditions in Norrland.

Rest cabin at the peak

The path up to the peak of Balberget is steep and fairly demanding, but once you get to the top your reward awaits you in the form of a wonderful view over the Västerbotten forest landscape. You can see the beautiful, deep ravine of the Öreälven river not far from Balberget, as well as the undulations of the hilly forest.

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It covers an area of 165 hectares. A car park, signs and toilets can all be found at the entrance to the reserve. There are various hiking trails through the reserve. Up on Balklinten there is a lovely rest area with a barbecue area and a wind shelter.


Drive along the road between Umeå and Åsele. Pass Bjurholm. A few kilometres before Balsjö there is a sign to the reserve.


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