• Hemsta naturreservat
    Hemsta naturreservat

6. Gånsta - Hemsta, 10 kilometres

Suitable for: The stretch suits those who want to go on a forest hike with elements of interesting cultural history. You can use public transport to get to and from the trail.

Distance: 10 kilometres Start: Gånstagården, southern outskirts of Enköping End: The Hemsta nature reserve Facilities: Break spot with benches at the Hemsta nature reserve Water: No Terrain: Even forest paths, exercise trails, gravel roads Nature type: Forests and open farmland

You’ll leave the forest behind, and start the hike along easy-to-navigate exercise trails, and then forest paths. The last few kilometres will take you out into the open farming landscape. The trail splits here, and you’ll turn left to follow the Upplandsleden Trail’s detour 25:2 towards the Hemsta nature reserve. It’s an area with many ancient remains, known for its many rock carvings. Here, you’ll walk through flower-rich pastures.

Next to the reserve is bus stop Hemsta Vägskäl. If you want to carry on a bit further, you can continue to Rickeby, where there is also a bus stop.

Part of the Upplandsleden Trail: Section 25, and part of Section 25:2

Find it This route is just south of Enköping.

By car: Gånsta is located on the southern outskirts of Enköping. Drive out of Enköping via Boglösavägen, past the sports house and the ice-skating hall. Just after the turn-off towards Bredsand is Gånstagården and lit tracks on the right hand side.

If you continue straight ahead, and turn right at the next roundabout, you’ll reach the Hemsta nature reserve.

By bus: A bit before Gånstagården is bus stop Fagerudd Vägskäl. At the end, there is bus stop Hemsta Vägskäl. The busses don’t go there very often, so check the timetable before your hike.


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Upplandsleden på Naturkartan

Upplandsleden på Naturkartan

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