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Indre Østfold Golfsenter

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Indre Østfold Golfsenter AS is a newly opened indoor golf center, started by golf enthusiasts for golf enthusiasts and everyone else who wants to try golf. They have beautiful and inviting premises in Østfold Næringspark in Askim. Their staff is dedicated, attentive and ready to give you the best possible golf experience.

Regardless of weather or wind, there are always top conditions on one of Indre Østfold golf center's 6 courses. Here you can choose from 100 of the world's most famous courses and play on state-of-the-art simulators. They also have 8 mats with nets if you just want to hit a few strokes to maintain your turn. You can also get advanced analysis of your golf hits. Stop by and give it a try.


    Vangsveien 10

    1814 Askim

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Crister Blume

[email protected]

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