Rundslinga Näset, Tullgarn


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Trail details

  • Length 2.6 km



Näsudden—a beautiful headland with pastures and beach meadows, is located in the north-eastern part of the reserve. There is a parking lot by the entrance, with a wheelchair-accessible toilet, grill and picnic area.

The Rundslingan loop trail takes you through woodland, pastures and over beautiful beach meadows in the southern part of the reserve. There are places to sit here where you can enjoy a nice picnic. The sandy beach between Fridö and Näset is an excellent place for birdwatching. The beach is popular among resting waders, with rarities such as the broad-billed and curlew sandpiper. During the autumn, many birds visit from the Scandinavian mountains, such as the Lapland longspur, snow bunting and jack snipe.

From Näsudden, there is a nice view of the Tullgarn Palace on the opposite side of the bay.

Activities And Facilities

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Skyddat sedan: 1984

Storlek: 892 hektar varav land 841 hektar

Karaktär: odlingslandskap ängs- kulturlandskap, blandskog

Kommun: Södertälje

Markägare: staten

Förvaltare: Länsstyrelsen

Skyddsform: naturreservat

Övrigt: Natura 2000-område Tullgarn, ost SE0110003


** By car: ** Take the E4 south from Stockholm and take the exit towards Trosa and Vagnhärad. From there, follow the signs toward Tullgarn Palace ("Tullgarns slott" in Swedish). About 800 m before the turnoff towards Tullgarn, follow the signs towards Näset. The Rundslingan trail starts at the parking lot.


In order to protect the Tullgarn nature reserve, please respect the following rules.

Within the reserve, it is forbidden to:

  1. destroy or damage permanent natural structures or surfaces by drilling, cutting, blasting, carving, painting or similar,
  2. operate motorised vehicles outside of designated roads,
  3. disturb wildlife (e.g. by climbing nesting trees, being in close proximity to burrows, trapping or killing mammals, birds, reptiles or amphibians),
  4. bring dogs, cats or other pets that are not on a leash,
  5. make a fire anywhere outside of designated sites,
  6. park a motorhome or caravan,
  7. ride horses outside of designated roads and areas,
  8. set up marked trails or orienteering controls,
  9. moor or anchor a boat for more than two consecutive nights in the same place.

Within the inner zone (the original nature reserve), camping is also prohibited. Within the outer zone (the original nature conservation area), it is also forbidden to put up a sign, message board, poster or similar.

[Read the reserve regulations in full on the County Administrative Board's website (in Swedish)] (https://www.lansstyrelsen.se/stockholm/besoksmal/naturreservat/tullgarn.html)


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Länsstyrelsen i Stockholm

[email protected]

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