Unna Allakas-Alesjaure


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Trail details

  • Length 15.0 km



The trail is well signposted with painted rocks and there are a large number of plankways along the route. The hike starts with a climb up the slopes of Stuor Allagas mountain. The tour then continues across flat terrain until the lakes at Bajip Snárapjávri. After an easy wade between the lakes, a climb begins to the pass at roughly 1,200 metres, which lies between the summits Tjålmeåive and Gárddečohkka. Here you have a vast panorama over Alisvággi Valley and the turquoise Lake Alisjávri. After the pass follows the sporadically steep descent towards the Alesjaure cabins. The trail passes lime-rich pastures with tall-herb vegetation. Just before the cabin site, the trail joins the King’s Trail.

There are tent pitches around lake Bajip Snárapjávri. It is also possible to pitch a tent in the pass below Gárddečohkka, but the site can be windy.

Duration: 4-6 hours

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Easily hiked surface. Mostly moorland and plankways, with short stretches of rocky terrain. Near the Unna Allakas cabin grow quantities of willow


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