Trail to the shore of lake Torneträsk, Abisko National Park


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  • Length 1.4 km



Follow the green trail marks from naturum Abisko Visitor´s centre. It is 1.4 kilometres to the shore of Lake Torneträsk. You walk mainly along a gravel road. Down by the shore there is a nice view over the large lake. There is a wheel-chair accessible fireplace with three benches and an information sign about lake Torneträsk.

If you have a special permit you can drive your car to the shore and park on a small parking area. From there, it is a 30 metres long gravel path to the picnic spot. There is some firewood but please do not use more than you need, so that others can enjoy a fire too.

There is also a sauna by the shore. It can be rented from STF Abisko Tourist Station.

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