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Just 20 km north of Arvidsjaur, an eldorado awaits the naturalist. Reivo Nature Reserve, covering almost 100 square kilometres, accommodates everything from lakes and primary forests to wetlands and low fells. So why not set off on a hike along one of its many trails. Here you also find stopover sites and overnight cabins. Several streams flow through the reserve and there are tarns and lakes that have been seeded with trophy fish. Traces of human activity in the past are many. A large fire field from the 1960s is fascinating to this day.

Reivo is 94 square kilometres in size and is Sweden's biggest virgin forest reserve below the so-called cultivation limit. In winter there are snowmobile trails in the area. The facilities in the reserve are being renovated during 2019 and 2020.

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Parkeringsplatser finns på flera ställen vid och i reservatet, bland annat där bilväg går in söderifrån.


Reivo lies about 20 kilometres north of Arvidsjaur and can be reached on roads that lead in westwards from road 45.


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