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Nature reserve

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The steep low fell Jan-Svensamössan can be seen from far-off jutting up over the landscape. The slopes are covered with primary forest, where many endangered forest species thrive. Jan-Svensamössan is a popular spot for excursions. There are two paths up to the summit, but only one is marked – the trail leading along the southeast slope. From the top the view is certainly 100 km on a clear day, a breath-taking panorama across the Lapland forests, low fells, mires and lakes. The area is 1.2 square kilometres in size.

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The nature reserve lies about 27 kilometres west of Arvidsjaur. From road 45, just over 2 km west of Avaviken, there is a road that leads to the nature reserve, signposted to Ekopark Ledfat.


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