Discover Your Lingonställe from the Saddle!


Discover Your Lingonställe from the Saddle!

Lingonställe of Western Småland offer a tapestry of culinary culture, unique shops, homemade delights, art, crafts, and locally produced treasures. There’s an incredible wealth of experiences to be had, enriched by a vast trove of storytelling and folklore. Throughout the year, specific Lingonställe Tours are organized, offering an enhanced experience at various destinations, with most Lingonställen open for visitors.

Seize the opportunity to step out and savor a taste and cultural journey. Pedal through the picturesque landscape while exploring the charming Lingonställe scattered along your route. Experience everything from the old to the new, from farmsteads to gardens as you navigate through the Berry Spots. Here, you’ll encounter friendly faces and a vibrant part of the cunning Smålanders who are eager to share their local customs in food, memories, and fresh ideas. Crafts, home arts, and art by local artists—it’s easy to marvel at the diversity and range of items in shops that harmoniously blend with nature.

The Lingonställen in Western Småland have their own brochure with contact details for all the Lingonställen and this cycling tour suggestion is a complement to it. Many Lingonställen are open year-round, some on a hobby level but willing to open up for a visit if you reach out. Be sure to check the specifics for the Lingonställe you plan to visit.

Along the tours, you’ll cycle through stunning nature and find treasures of all shapes and sizes. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to pause for coffee breaks, nature, and activities. You’ll ride on car-free bike paths, rural roads that sometimes lead through gravel and sometimes into urban areas. A long day of delightful experiences can be exhausting, which is why it’s fortunate that there are cozy Lingonställe to stay overnight along the lovely route.

The Berry Spots in Western Småland form a network of over 100 unique businesses to visit in Western Småland.


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