Round Växjö


  • Municipality: Växjö
  • 6589.47 km away from you
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Trail details

  • Length 41.0 km
  • Difficulty Blue - medium



As of March 27 in year 2020, Norra Sjörundan is included as a detour on the unique route Round Växjö. New bi-directional directions will in future apply between district Bergsnäs and Sanden in the Bokhultet nature reserve. Växjö municipality is developing the area Bäckaslöv and building a new district with housing and space for offices, trade and a new primary school. The gravel road section passing Bäckaslöv will be closed for some time.


The Växjö Runt (Round Växjö) bicycle route is more than 40 kilometres long and makes a complete circuit of the city, also connecting six lakes, nature reserves and the city’s neighbourhoods. This well-marked trail offers familiar scenery, but also a number of surprises that are hidden from those who travel by car, such as the bridges and water at Lake Trummen and Helgevärma, the bright heights of Knutsgård, Fylleryd’s pine forests and the narrow-gauge railway to Evedal. Along this trail, there are several picnic areas with swimming and jetties, observation points, grilling areas, windbreaks and other conveniences. Pack a coffee and picnic basket, and enjoy a few hours of our fantastic nature, so close to Växjö. Be considerate, and we will all enjoy the Växjö Runt trail.

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Mostly gravel and asphalt.


Some descent and ascent.



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