Värend canoe route


  • County: Växjö
  • 6578.91 km away from you
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Trail details

  • Length 120.0 km
  • Difficulty Blue - medium



There are different kinds of canoeing through the Mörrum River water system, ranging from narrow rift valley lakes in the north, surrounded by coniferous forests, to large floodplain lakes with fjords and islands in Lake Åsnen. The Värendsleden canoe route begins at Lake Asasjön on the South Swedish Highlands. In order to preserve our wonderful canoe routes in Växjö municipality, there are 16 camping locations along the route where you can spend the night. These give you access to chemical toilets, waste disposal, and fireplaces. Several of the places also have windbreaks. Be considerate of animals and nature and respect the Right to Roam (allemansrätten) rules on your paddling trip. You can find more information on the trail map that covers all seven sections, of which Sections 1 to 4 flow through Växjö municipality.

Activities And Facilities

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Sätt på flytvästen, packa kanoten och starta din paddelfärd i Asa, Åby, Evedal eller på norra Hissö. Utmed leden finns flera lämpliga lägerplatser för att starta äventyret.



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