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Singoalla's cave

Children's adventure

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Just beyond the Hultaklint observation point is Singoalla's cave. The cave takes its name from Viktor Rydberg's novel about the love between the knight, Erland Månesköld, and the Roma girl, Singoalla. In the summer of 1846, Viktor Rydberg worked as a private teacher at the nearby manor in Berg. The path to the cave is steep and requires strong legs and a good sense of balance. Please note that you enter this area at your own risk. The cave itself is not impressive, but the wild nature and the view will move your imagination.

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The signs say - Prohibited to light fires all year around! All over Sweden, you are not allowed to start fire on, or close to, flat rocks or large boulders. These can crack and their wounds never heal again. Respect this prohibition and the Right to Roam (allemansrätten) rules. Enjoy your stay outdoors.


Hultaklint and Singoalla's cave are located east of Lädja. Follow road signs from Lädja village to parking just south of Hultaklint.



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