Ruins of Kronoberg Castle


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At Kronoberg, the ruins of the great castle are mirrored in the dark waters of Lake Helgasjön. This place is a must-see attraction, as well as a living history lesson. In 1542, Nils Dacke, the leader of a popular revolt, celebrated Christmas in the castle. Today, the crumbling walls of the ruins are visited by nesting sand martins. Ivy, saxifrage and Goldilocks moss grow on the castle walls. The vast view includes the islands of Helgö and Hissö. It's a good idea to pack your picnic basket in Stallholmen. In the moats grow cowslips, peach-leaved bell flowers, lady's bedstraw, maiden pink and perforate St. John's wort. From the castle parking area, there is a marked hiking trail that leads to Kronoberg Folk High School and passes beech forest inhabited by lesser spotted woodpeckers.

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You find the ruins of Kronoberg castle just five kilometer north of Växjö City centre.



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