Nature reserve

Helgö Nature Reserve

Nature reserve

  • Municipality: Växjö
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On the biggest island in Lake Helgasjön, you'll find a nature reserve that’s perfect to explore by foot. Walk on the seven kilometre-long trail around Helgö Island, and you will see everything from beech forests and blueberry shrubs to spruce covered wild rosemary marches. Among the high points are the impressive Svens hallar flat rocks that offer a panoramic view of Lake Helgasjön. The walk can be shortened by half by taking the yellow-marked short-cut. East of the little bathing beach on the Ryssagropsviken inlet, there is also a pleasant strolling path that's accessible for wheelchairs and prams. After about 250 metres, the trail reaches a lovely rest area with grills. Birds in this reserve include black-throated divers, ospreys, hobbies, black woodpeckers, hawfinches and the mistle thrush. For more information about Helgö Island, see the link below. This nature reserve is administered by the County Administration of Kronoberg.

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