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  • Length 26.0 km
  • Difficulty Green - simple



The railway came to Älmhult Municipality in 1862, allowing Eneryda, Liatorp, Diö and Älmhult to grow into the places they are today. The main road of the time followed more or less the same route as the E4 motorway does now. The railway was brought here to simplify transport for the forest and stone industries that existed to the east.

Route description: A cycle path links the former station communities of Diö and Liatorp. If you’re coming from the south, you may want to stop off at ICA Nära in Liatorp to stock up on food supplies for your cycling trip. North of Höghult there is an area dominated by broadleaf trees that is awash with wood anemones in the spring. There are two mills that you can visit along the way: the mill in Bräkenryd and Kronogårds Kvarn, which was built back in 1795. Carefully cross Road 23 and continue south towards Virestad through the rural countryside. Eventually you’ll reach the smithy in Kvarnatorp and Kvarnavallen, where the local football team plays. The old smithy is still used for special events. You can enjoy a guided tour of the smithy and the mills by members of Virestad Rural Heritage Association, see Continue towards Liatorp, passing Garanshultasjön lake. In spring, the area is a birdwatching hotspot. Hungry enough after a day on the bicycle?.. Why not finish it of at the Byakrog in Liatorp, just opposite the ICA grocery store where you may also play a game of minigolf.

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Blandat asfalt och grus.


Tar du dig till området med bil och har cykeln där bak går bilen bra att parkera vid ICA eller Byakrogen i Liatorp.


Det går att ta cykeln med på Krösatågen i mån av plats och med löst cykelbiljett. Närmsta station är dock i Diö men det går som ovan nämnt att ansluta till denna runda från Diö via cykelväg.


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