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Draven Nature Reserve

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Draven Nature Reserve is located about 10 km north of Lake Bolmen and is one of Sweden’s most interesting areas for bird life. The lake has been restored to its natural state, a floodplain lake set in an old cultural landscape. It is now an important breeding ground for a large number of birds, mainly ducks and waders.

There are two birdwatching towers by the lake, as well as a 9-km trail with footbridges around the lake.

The bird lake Draven is located next to the small village of Hamra just outside Bredaryd. Here you can enjoy the rich bird life from the front row. Around the lake there are a number of different viewpoints, bird towers and hiding places. Which birds you see will depend on where you are. You can get around the reserve on foot using the marked trails, but it is also possible to travel by car between different viewpoints.

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From Värnamo towards Bredaryd, road 27/153.



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