Apladalen nature and homestead park


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Apladalen is a nature and homestead park in the heart of Värnamo. Visit this living cultural heritage and walk on the paths under the crowns of the centuries-old oak trees. Sometimes the paths cross the Kröcklebäcken stream with its enchanting serpentine curves. Children can watch the animals, including goats, sheep, rabbits and chickens, or play in the playground while adults visit the local museum and the beautiful 18th and 19th century houses. The park also features a herb garden, restaurant and café, barbecue area, picnic tables, outdoor stage and public toilets. The playground has a large roof with seating underneath. Just south of Apladalen is a barbecue pavilion with a roof.

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Activities And Facilities

  • Animals Animals
  • Culture Culture
  • Valuable nature Valuable nature
  • Park Park
  • Recreational Recreational
  • Attraction Attraction
  • Bathhouse Bathhouse
  • Bench Bench
  • Cafe/Restaurant Cafe/Restaurant
  • Children's adventure Children's adventure
  • Firesite Firesite
  • Ice cream Ice cream
  • Museum Museum
  • Bench table Bench table
  • Toilet Toilet


  • Near parking Near parking
  • Near Public Transport Near Public Transport
  • Near toilet Near toilet
  • Stroller accessible Stroller accessible
  • Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible


Apladalen ligger i Värnamo centrum. Parkeringar finns utmed Lagmansgatan och Tånnögatan.



Kontaktcenter Värnamo kommun Kyrktorget 1, 331 83 Värnamo Telefon 0370-37 70 00

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