Recreation area


Recreation area

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In the city park you can walk, or just sit and enjoy, in an old, pine-dominated forest with nice paths in the middle of the city's alarm. Powerful forest with rough and tall trees, alternating with open ground, small plantations and a small pond with adjoining summer dining and playground. In connection with the serving there is an old music pavilion.

Stadsparken is a small oasis where you can relax from the stress of everyday life or perhaps retrieve new powers after an illness. It fits well with walking, relaxation, nature studies, playing with the children or just a moment of contemplation.

In the city park there is one of Falun municipality's oldest, pine-dominated forests. Many trees are more than 200 years old. There are also implanted trees such as beech, linden and elm. To the east there is a small meadow with oak and hazel bushes. Adjacent to the pond you can meet many different birds. If you are lucky you may be able to see a squirrel, hare or cat owl somewhere in the park.

The city park was started in 1898 by Falu planting company. A year later, the marsh became a pond. It is also used as a skating rink. Playground and tennis court were laid out. In 1903, the back cabin was built, which is still used as a serving. Extensive plantings of trees and shrubs were carried out until the 1940s. In 1946 the music pavilion was built, which is still there. In 1959 Falu Plant Society ceased and the city took over the land. In 1970, the park was sold to the county council. An extensive expansion of the hospital has taken place over the years and today only a small part of the original park remains.

Park roads and trails are of good standard. It is possible to get around by wheelchair and pram in the area.

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