Nature reserve

Lugnets naturreservat

Nature reserve

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Lugnets nature reserve is a scenic area and the closest ski stadium is a small-scale agricultural landscape. Here you can see clear traces of the highest coastline. The woodland is dominated by dry and blocky pine forest, but there are also elements of blueberry pine forest. There are five mountains in the area and the largest height difference is 165 meters. In this reserve you will find both pine forests and deciduous trees. There is not much water in the area, but there are some streams, ponds and some marshland.

There are eight miles of marked hiking trail and twelve-mile trails / ski trails. In recent years, a number of mountain bike trails have been added.

There are plenty of ski and exercise trails in the reserve, hiking trails and sledding hills. There are also trails for riding, cycling and snowmobiling. In the area there are a number of barbecue areas, berths, heating cabins and other resting places.

For centuries, farmers have cultivated the earth here. Several cultivation ponds and stone walls remain today. Active landscape care is being carried out to preserve this cultural landscape.

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