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Nature reserve

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Källmyrarna's nature reserve consists of a mosaic of old woodland and intermixed mireland. The area has burned a long time ago, which is shown by a small number of fire stumps. The forest consists of an old coniferous forest with elements of birch. Bit by bit there are plenty of coarse, lying dead trees and here and there are some dry trees. In parts of the reserve there are large-block moraine, which together with the flames make the area difficult to reach. A narrow marsh delimits the reserve southwards and a larger marsh lot is buried in the middle of the area.

Here, among other things, the rare lichens and the tree mushrooms kattfotslav, garnets and decals grow, which indicate high natural values. The red-listed firewood wrinkle skin, which grows on the underside of coarse, trunks of spruce, is also found in the area. The forest is a haven for many tares, since several playgrounds are within and near the reserve.

At the reserve's northeastern border, where the central marsh party has a protruding edge towards the forest road, a well runs forward. From this, the area have been named, Källmyrarna (the well mires).

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