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Trail details

  • Length 29.0 km



You can walk the entire Sundborn trail that starts at Bondes Gård in Sundborn (28 km) or choose Råbergsslingan (18 km) which is part of the Sundborn trail and starts from the bandy rink at the Karlsbyhedens Folkets Hus. The trails are marked with blue color on trees, stones and poles. In addition, there are arrows with the name of the hiking trail. At Råberget there is a wind shelter that provides the opportunity for overnight accommodation. After the top, but before the well you pass one of Rupstjärns Byalag restored and partly newly built charcoal hut. Here is the opportunity to cook coffee.

The trail is easy to walk with the exception of the terrain around Råberget, which has a steep climb. Boots or hiking shoes are recommended, as there are some wet parts, mainly around the Råberget. Bridges and footbridges are found over streams and marshes.

Karlsbyhedens OK manages and is responsible for the trail.

Activities And Facilities

  • Hiking Hiking
  • Riding Riding
  • Trail running Trail running


Vandrar du från Sundborn går det bra att parkera på gästparkeringen mitt emot macken i Sundborn.

Väljer du Råbergsslingan finns parkering vid Karlsbyhedens Folkets hus.


Hållplats Grånäsvägen om du tar buss till Sundborn.

I Karlsbyheden heter hållplatsen Folkets hus.



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