Almöleden, Almö naturreservat


  • Municipality: ARK56
  • 6663.11 km away from you
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  • Length 8.3 km



A popular route, more of a trail than a circular walk, that takes you through Almö nature reserve. Nearest to the mainland in the northern part of the nature reserve there is attractive pasture land with oak trees and leafy broadleaf woodland while to the south an open landscape takes over with heaths, rocky outcrops and coastal meadows. The nature reserve preserves the open landscape that people here have been using for summer grazing for centuries. There are several picnic and barbecue spots along the route.

Read more about the nature reserve and the rules for visiting it via the link in the map.

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Blekinge Arkipelag
Kurpromenaden 4
372 36 Ronneby

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