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Uttorp naturreservat

Nature reserve

  • Municipality: ARK56
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Uttorp nature reserve is part of a large, walker-friendly area of land in the southern part of Sturkö. This is the farthest you can get into the Blekinge archipelago without a boat. The beautiful, open coastal heath offers sea views and on a clear day you can spot the Utklippan lighthouse.
Nearest to the sea and slightly inland, the area features coastal meadows with stone blocks and bare rock, common land rich in juniper bushes, heathland and open sandy fields. Further north, the landscape changes, taken over by overgrown heather heathland, and becoming more forested, with elements of sparse oak woodland with some ancient oak trees with spreading canopies.
The beach is narrow and mainly comprises stones and blocks interspersed with sand and gravel. Together with the adjoining Natura 2000 area, the nature reserve is important for outdoor recreation.
The rules for the nature reserve are shown in the link below, but, for example, you are not allowed to let a dog or other animals off a lead within the area, light a fire other than in a place designated for the purpose, camp or park a caravan.
Source: County Administrative Board


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Drive towards Sturkö church. Just before the church, there are signs showing the way to the nature reserve.

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