Skärva naturreservat

Skärva House was built in the late eighteenth century and is surrounded by ivy-clad broadleaf woodland rich in different species. There are beaches, meadows, pastures, groves and bare rock.

Skärva probably gained its name from the many collections of blocks, “skärv”, in the area. Skärva House, built by shipbuilder Fredrik Henrik af Chapman, and its surrounding park have been listed since 1975.

The nature reserve is home to broadleaf woodland including beech, oak, ash, linden and hornbeam. In the spring, the ground is covered by wood anemones, yellow star-of-Bethlehem, unspotted lungwort, coralroot and many other plants. Pastures with old trees and open natural grazing land with coastal meadows offer high diversity of flora and fauna.
The ancient trees are habitats for lichens, bracket fungi and insects.

The rules for the nature reserve are shown in the link below, but, for example, dogs must be kept on a lead, and you are not allowed to pitch a tent or park a caravan.

Source: County Administrative Board

To do:
  • Nature reserve

Follow the brown and white signs from the E22. If you are coming from the west, turn off at junction 61 in Nättraby. If you are coming from the east, turn off at junction 62 in Ryttarliden. The nearest bus stop is Skärva, about 300 metres north of the nature reserve.

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